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Suggestion for a Closing speech template 

Dear friends

In behalf of my colleagues, we would like to complement the host organizations. The xxxx for the wonderful training and for the freedom of suggestions wherein everyone had been given the opportunity to participate and to convey their experiences and viewpoints on this difficult issue. Indeed, this has been a great learning and knowledge sharing experience that has enhanced everyone's knowledge.

In light of the specific theme of this three-day training, I am happy for each and every one of you and for the way you have participated in this training. Without your enthusiasm and ability to actively participate in discussions, role play and grounding exercises we would not be able to make this such a wonderful learning experience.

The objective of the course was for you helpers or trainer to be trained in how to recognize the signs of trauma and how to efficiently and sympathetically handle triggers and trauma reactions, and to help through the process of reporting and eventually make a good closing of the Butterfly woman story

May this training be useful in your daily work, and the knowledge and the friends you have made be an inspiration for you relation with the survivor you are working with.

Keep in touch with your group, draw on the common experience that you have, strengthen and help each other through the daily strife.

To end these three days, we would like to give you this diploma as a sign of the accomplishment you have made in completing this training.

Thank you for participating!  


Not everyone can make a closing as good as Hector Aristizábal but it can be an inspiration on how to close your training.