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“Mental health and gender-based violence Helping survivors of sexual violence in conflict – a training manual” - DOWNLOAD (PDF)

We understand that you may be working with survivors, or involved in training of helpers working directly with survivors or in other ways engaged in the topic of assisting survivors of gender based violence. We hope that the manual will be useful in your work and that you will benefit from the experiences that have been summarized and presented in it. 

Please let us know if you also want a hard copy of the manual, send us your address and we will sendt it to you, free of charge.

The full manual:

In addition to the manual we introduce:

The GBV manual flyer:

The GBV toolbox: - a collections of the tools in the manual (grounding exercises, the Butterflystory, window of tolerance etc)

Different presentations of the GBV manual:

In addition: The HHRI GBV Manual report 2017

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The manual can also be found at Joomag please contact us by e-mail for feedback or questions so that we can follow up on the use of the GBV manual. 

Please let us know if you also want a hard copy of the manual, send us your address and we will be glad to sendt it to you, free of charge.   We are also delighted if you want to share our manual with colleagues and others. 

You are welcome send us an e-mail if you need us to follow up or to provide further assistance regarding the use of the manual.

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